ProfsoUX 19

#1 Conference
for UX-professionals in Russia

March 2, 2019

Lodeinopolskaya Street, 5
Petrocongress Center

About ProfsoUX

ProfsoUX is the #1 conference for User Experience professionals in Russia. It is organised by members of the local non-for-profit community UXSPb since 2012.

This year ProfsoUX will be held on 2(3) of March 2019 in PetroСongress Center (Lodeinopolskaya Street, 5, St. Petersburg, Russia).

The main working language of the conference is Russian, but English speaking authors, partners and guests are welcome.


For Speakers

Proposal submission is over.

The Conference Topics

Beside the traditional UX-topics we would be happy to hear more on the following:

  • Professional driver. Your further development as a UX professional;
  • Complicated UX tasks and projects (including scientific research projects);
  • Adjacent areas: psychology, anthropology, urban studies;
  • Business demand for UX competencies;
  • Specifics of Government projects;
  • Mistakes as a tool;
  • Automation of design;
  • Visualisation;
  • Cases, stories.

ProfsoUX participants

For Partners

Partners and sponsors are welcome! Please contact us for the details!

You can also download presentation for partners (PDF, in English).

ProfsoUX program committee

For Participants

5 reasons for being at ProfsoUX 19 for English speaking participants

    1. Many of our speakers and guests speak fluent English: you can expand your experience by meeting professionals from Russian UX community
    2. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Come and see for yourself 🙂
    3. Free coffee breaks, lunch, participant bags, and prizes from our Partners
    4. Traditional Pre-party and After-party. Watch our Twitter for the news!
    5. Several talks and workshops will be held in English:

ProfsoUX discussions

Registration for participants

Please note, that most of the talks will be held in Russian.

Travel information

Entry Visa for Russia

If you need the entry visa for Russia, you can ask the hotel where you will be staying to provide the visa support voucher. You will need this voucher to get a tourist visa in a Russian embassy. Note, that the tourist type of visa is suitable for attending a conference.

Nearby hotels

Reservation Systems

Party ProfsoUX


Phone: +7 (499) 703 16 55 or +7 (921) 741 48 23.

Venue address: PetroСongress Center, Lodeinopolskaya Street, 5, St. Petersburg.